We’re going to spend our session telling stories and prototyping text-based games. In the spirit of the iPadPaloozaOU theme, center your stories around rocks, stars, and/or rock stars.

Goal 1

Have fun.

This is a time to experiment with a digital storytelling tool and explore the possibilities. We’ll spend most of our time designing games, and you’re welcome to be silly and tinker for the joy of the experience. You don’t have to produce your master work or a final product during our session. We’re here to have a good time! 🙂

Goal 2

Play one example Twine game so you know what can be built.

Play A Teacher Made Game


Thousands of other games:

Goal 3

Use notecards to map out the story of your own game.

Text-based games are not typically linear, so you’ll likely have many branches to a story. This allows you to explore the consequences of decisions and these are often similar experiences to “choose-your-own-adventure” books.

Goal 4

Using your notecard outline, build your story in Twine.

You can dive right in and explore Twine here or check out this tutorial to get you started with Twine. (The most important tool in Twine is putting double brackets [[around words]] to create branches and pathways.) If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Goal 5

Share your game with someone to play-test your story.

You can pass your iPad/computer to a neighbor for them to play your Twine game prototype.

When you’re playing someone’s game feel free to mention positive aspects of their project and one thing you that could be improved in a future version.